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This page contains the instructions and template files necessary to create an X-Files Hanging ID, Wallet ID and Badge for the purposes of costuming. These are reasonable approximations based on different X-Files props (all claiming to be closest to the ones actually used on the show, go figure) and screen shots from the tv show. They are not 100% accurate but they are sharp, authentic looking and great for costuming. Actual TV prop collectors should go elsewhere.


Mulder and Scully are great themed costume ideas for a couple and are relatively easy and low-budget to put together. I initially thought to buy premade badges and id's for my wife and I off of eBay, since it was worth it to avoid having to create my own. After being dissatified with overpriced, low quality, pixelated print outs from rude sellers of "realistic" X-Files props on eBay, I finally gave up and put my own together. I probably wouldn't take the time to give out templates for a costume I made but I consider this a big F-U to the eBay scammers out there who cheated me out of good money (and feedback when I rightfully complained). You know who you are.


To open the image files below you will need to download a copy of the GNU Image Manipulation Program which is a free software package that is similar to Adobe's Photoshop software. The GIMP is available here: Just take pictures with your suit on and insert the picture into the image files. You'll have to locate your own id clips such as those available from and a double window id wallet. Be sure to check dimensions.


I am not a lawyer and I do not know if these comply with federal laws. Seek legal counsel before use if you are unsure about the ramifications of wearing these props. I assume the fact that eBay allows the continued sale of similar items for profit on their site, after several notifications, implies some assurance that these do not constitute infringement against any intellectual properties held by FOX Television or its affiliates. Just the same, no copyright or trademark infringement is intended by this site which is for information and entertainment purposes only and intended only as a fan site which does not make any money from any source. This web site is not affiliated with the official X-Files website or FOX Television.

The (X) Files

This is the font I used: QuicktypeII

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